A Challenge for IAO Students at the National College of Computer Science

The 24th edition of the International Astronomy Olympiad brought together students from Bangladesh, Bulgaria, China, the Czech Republic, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Malaysia, Moscow Land, Nepal, Romania, Russia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Thailand, Ukraine, the USA and Vietnam who were also guests of the National College of Computer Science.

On this occasion, on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday the National College of Computer Science organised a series of activities for the participant students. The robotics team, CYB3RG0DS presented their new projects and the BRD First Tech Challenge competition and made demonstrations of their activity and robots. The participants enjoyed testing the robots and brought new ideas.

In the Physics lab, the students were welcomed by the Physics teachers and the volunteers who are keen on the STEM approach. They watched a documentary about research missions on the Moon or on other planets and about building a device that can land and send data from these planets. Later on, they took part in a challenge. They were asked to build a device so that to make an egg land on the ground without breaking. The Egg Landing experiment promoted their creativity and entertained all the participants.

The activities also included a small concert given by the students, a presentation of Romanian traditional handmade goods, sweets and food. They danced, sang, learnt from each other and also started friendships.