Interactive Activities – 24th of October

After the practical round, the participants divided in the 3 groups and went to join in the interactive activities, which took place at ‘Petru Rareș’ National College, ‘Calistrat Hogaș’ National College and National College of Computer Science. This time, it was Spica’s turn to participate at the activities prepared by the volunteers from ‘Petru Rareș’ National College. The afternoon started off with a crafting workshop, in which everyone learned to sew its own bookmark. This minute activity was a success because it gathered both the Olympics and the teamleaders and it helped them create something unique to take back home as an unforgettable souvenir.

The activity called “The Cultural Passport”, held by Mrs. Dana Handaric (or Maria, as she was asked to be called), who initiated the participants in the mysteries of the history of the Romanian popular blouse. The unique aspect of this activity was represented by the practical side – the chance of each guest to create with his or her hands the book sign which will remind them afterwards of the celestial signs, of the popular traditions and, finally, of his experience in Romania. As Mrs. Maria has beautifully said, for us Romanians, “the Romanian blouse is our cultural passport.”

We were more than happy to see that our initiative to introduce you, our guests from completely different cultures, to a part of the Romanian treasure was so well received. We saw after the ending of the workshop people who were still working on their bookmark, their own work, to make sure that they finish their task with a great result, fact that delighted our hearts even more.

Then, the teambuilding games offered the volunteers an occasion to come in contact with the olympics in a relaxed manner. So we also managed to finish the collective painting, an initiative very dear to our souls, which had an impact as great on you from what we could see. We think that the pictures speak for themselves, so check the Gallery section to catch some of the moments immortalized by our team of photographers.

The afternoon’s peak was the dancing. Everyone joined in and the atmosphere was amazing. From ‘Happy’ by Pharell Williams and La Bomba, to the Romanian ‘hora’, Menaito and Macarena, the music brought everyone together. This afternoon was a great experience for both the participants and the volunteers, helping at the main goal of the experience – that of creating friendships and of experiencing diversity.


Rareș Press