We had the amazing chance to interview some of the participants. We asked them how  they have spent their time in Romania so far, whether they have enjoyed it, what they liked best, but also  how they felt about the rounds of the Olympiad, whether they were prepared for them or if there was anything which surprised them.

The Ukrainian girls told us they have enjoyed their time in Romania, especially the landscapes and the trip to Lacu Rosu, but they also mentioned their visits to some schools where they took part in challenging interactive activities and had a lot of fun. So, they have had a wonderful experience.

A member of the team from Kazakhstan told us that he was prepared for the rounds and he found them pretty easy. He also liked the interactive activities, with all the games and dancing. However, when asked what  he liked best, he gave a straightforward answer:’In Romania? Definetely, the girls!’

A Malaysian student said the rounds were pretty difficult: ‘The theoretical round was the most difficult one,I had not expected it to be like that, but I’m okay with the observational round because I know the sky quite well, yet, the practical round was also a little bit difficult’ When we asked her what she liked best in Romania, she said she loved everything , the whole experience, from the colleges and the scenery of Piatra-Neamt, which is a very nice city, to Lacu Rosu, which she found extremely beautiful.

We’re looking forward to meeting other students and finding out how their experience in Romania has been so far.


Rareș Press