“Petru Rareș” National College Activities

The first Interactive Evening made its debut with a karaoke hour  in the festivities hall of  ‘Petru Rares’ National College,  where we brought together the first 7 countries: China, Czech Republic, Moscow Land, South Koreea, Italy, Sweden and Lithuania. The introduction into the musical atmosphere was of the highest level, through the exceptional performances of the two organizers, Daria and Smaranda. The participating teams accepted  the IAO volunteers’ challenge and went on stage to sing the songs each of them had chosen. There were songs in English, Korean, Italian and, of course, in Romanian, but also a bass guitar  instrumental piece, chosen by one of the teams (Sweden) . Once again, music has proven  its magical power to unite souls.

And this was only the beginning! Playing  and dancing   took to the  teens from so many corners of the planet in such a natural way that one might have easily believed they had already  known each other  very well. They either  introduced themselves  or played group games coordinated by our high-school students in English, they either danced or left their colorful handprints on one big canvas. No matter what they did, the brilliant astrophysicists of the world sincerely enjoyed each  of the moments dedicated to them. The evening ended with some historical-geographical landmarks offered by the volunteers from Rares  and with a walk on the pedestrian central area of the Royal Court, all under the warm comfort of a pink sunset.

We are glad that the first afternoon spent at CNPR was successful in bringing a smile on our guests’ faces  after this morning’s  theoretical round and we are looking forward to seeing the other groups enjoying their stay at ‘Petru Rares’ National College, at least as much as the first 7 countries did.