Important  dates

    • Deadlines

      • Pre-application. Short report.
        Presenting the short report (see Supplementary Instructions N 10) is optional. Nevertheless, some infromation about the system of the National Olympiads would be helpful for the IAO Committee and should be included into the pre-application file.
        According to the IAO-regulations the report to be presented 5 weeks before the application.
        Pre-application is desirable earlier or at least together with the short report.According to the information above, the regular deadline for receiving pre-applications and short reports of Nationals Olympiads of the current year (with a set of all problems used on the National Olympiads) is defined as:

          • 13 plus 5 = 18 weeks before the Olympiad (as per the rules): June 14, 2019;
          • shifted: June 2019 (any day).

        E-mails for sending the pre-applications and reports. Please, use both e-mails.

      • Resolution.Normally the Chairman of the Olympic Advisory Committee will issue resolution about possibility for the country to send full (or not full) team to the IAO (i.e. solution about the representation quota: according to # 5.2.1. or to # 5.2.2. of the Statutes/Regulations the team may be form).
        Temporary rule for IAO-2019: any country may send full team.
      • Applications. Personal data for visas.
        • The deadlines for receiving by LOC all application documents, personal data and scans of passports of proposed participants and leaders (maybe with some extra persons for reserve) are:
          Regular application deadline:

          • 13 weeks before the Olympiad (as per the rules): July 19, 2019;
          • shifted to 10 weeks before the Olympiad (according to common solution of OAC and LOC): August 9, 2019, 24h of local time (UT+3).

          Late application deadline:

          • 9 weeks before the Olympiad: August 16, 2019;
          • shifted to 6.5 weeks before the Olympiad (according to common solution of OAC and LOC): September 3, 2019, 24h of local time (UT+3).

          Applications received since August 17 September 4 will be very late.

        E-mails for sending applications with the data, and necessary translations of insructions, rules and regulations. Please, use all three e-mails.


    • Tentative schedule of the Olympiad

      • Friday, October 18 – Arriving of some teams
      • Saturday, October 19 – Day of arrival to Piatra Neamt
      • Sunday, October 20 – Day of opening ceremony
      • Monday, October 21 – Day of the theoretical round
      • Tuesday, October 22 – Day of the observational round
      • Wednesday, October 23 – Rest day, excursions
      • Thursday, October 23 – Day of the practical round
      • Friday, October 25 – Day of excursions
      • Saturday, October 26 – Day of closing ceremony
      • Sunday, October 27 – Day of teams departure
      • Monday, October 28 – Departure of some teams