Teams Performances

Enthusiasm and diversity. These two words sum up  Wednesday night, October, the 24th.

After a hectic day spent on a trip to Lacu Roșu, everyone gathered once again in the Festivities Hall at ‘Petru Rareș’ National  College for a night of sharing information of their countries in any manner they chose to.

Hosted by Ștefan and Sofia, who are by the way, very good cheerleaders, the night took us through traditional songs and actual presentations of beautiful landscapes from various countries, all filled up with great jokes.

One by one, everybody came on stage. Bangladesh started off the show with their national  anthem, followed by Bulgaria, who opted for a round of crosswords. Then, the Czech Republic brought a pop quiz about their country. China sang in a not so well known dialect, and they did a great job. Russia’s moment was unbelievable because of the guitarist, who won everybody’s hearts with his talent. Italy guided us through the universe (mostly Reggio Calabria) through its spaceship’s crew with a fantastic video presentation. South Korea came with emblematic kpop, making us feel as if we were at a BTS or TWICE show. We also learned a bit of Nepalese and Malaysian through local songs. And we can’t forget about Sweden who made it crystal clear that they are very proud of their heritage. Sri Lanka had an amazing performance including choreography and traditional costumes, while the USA sang about the beauty of Texas, but they also included a ‘happy birthday’ song (from the stars) for the upcoming anniversary of ‘Petru Rareș’ National College.

These are only some of the moments from the event, and what we can tell for sure it is that every country was remarkable for the support they offered to one another.

The evening was a great success and it helped a lot in better understanding of the various cultures participating in the IAO.


 Rareș Press