Team of country

A priory National teams of countries consist of winners and prizewinners of National Astronomy Olympiad take part in IAO. For initial time of participating of a country in IAO or inability to form a full National team other ways of forming the National team may be in operation.


Team of province, region, city

In the case of absence of a National team from a country (criterion), organizers of IAO may permit any provinces, regions, cities of this country to form the team representing the country.


Team of town, school

In the case of absence applications from provinces, regions, cities of the country organizers of IAO may take into account applications from towns and schools.


Team of individual(s)

In the case of absence other applications, organizers of IAO may take into account applications from teams of individuals of the country.


Number of contestants and team leaders

National team may consist of:

– (upto) 3 students for group Alpha


– (upto) 2 students for group Beta.


– I Diploma winners and II Diploma prize-winners of previous IAO may be included to the group Beta of the team additionally (if they meet the age limits).

For any kind of forming the teams, and any number of applications from the country, provinces, regions, cities, towns, schools, and individuals, the total number of students representing the country should not exceed National quota.

Any team have to be accompanied by two team leaders, one of them obligatory to be included into International Jury board.

Any two or more participants from a country have to be organized in a full team (with two team leaders).

Observers from countries are welcome to participate as well.


Team with one contestant

It is permitted (as an exception) a team with the only team leader if the only contestant from the country participates.

This team have to be joined with other team (from nearest country – language should be the same or quite understandable) with the obligation of the scientific team leader of the other team to take obligations to fulfil all the jobs connected with this “individual participant”. Participation of such a small team maybe allowed after the Organizing Committee receives a written agreement between the two team leaders: the team leader of the team with an “individual participant” and the scientific team leader of the other above mentioned team.

Groups  of  contestants